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Sustainable Solutions for vulnerable Goat Farmers of Muththu Nagar

Following Muslim Aid’s Ramadhan Fundraising campaign this year, Alhamdulillah, with support from donors, an event to hand over Goats and modern sheds to 10 poor families in Muththu Nagar took place on the afternoon of the 4th of September. The occasion was graced by the well-wisher who funded this particular intervention. He extended his kindness by personally visiting each goat shed to observe the quantity and quality of the goats. Each family received 10 female goats and one mixed variety male. The event is first of many more to come, as the Ramadhan campaign successfully raised funds to support all of the vulnerable families who were identified in the secluded village of Muththu Nagar suffering silently from poverty, limited access to basic amenities and scarce employment opportunities; which ultimately led to starvation.

The field staff of Muslim Aid, with the members of village committee which was formed to support and mobilize the community, organized the event and guided the well-wisher’s team to see the dismal living conditions of the people who were displaced many times during the conflict period and resettled with minimum facilities. Muslim Aid’s documentary revealed that they have been grieving for the past 12 years without basic facilities including drinking water and public or private transportation.

The campaign harnessed the support of many patrons & well-wishers – individuals and groups who contributed for different projects such as provision of access to drinking water, construction of Water Wells; inputs for Goat farming; Dairy farming, Poultry farming ; establishment of a Mini Hand Loom Industry and Educational support for schools and children.

Muslim Aid’s primary goal is to ensure that these sustainable solutions will help Muththu Nagar’s most destitute families break the cycle of poverty and gain financial independence to improve their quality of life.



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