Our vision is the alleviation of poverty, education for all, and for the provision of basic amenities for those in need; in order to create a world where charity and compassion produce justice, self-reliance and human development



Muslim Aid, a premier British Muslim relief and development agency, guided by the teachings of Islam, endeavors to tackle poverty and its causes by developing innovative and sustainable solutions that enable individuals and their communities to live with dignity and by supporting initiatives that promote economic and social justice.



We hold ourselves accountable for our actions. COMPASSION:  A person cannot be compassionate unless he is sensitive to others’ needs and conditions.


To empower people in order to unleash their potential.


Each person has the right to live and be treated with dignity. Justice is achieved by considering the rights of others and the respect they deserve; regardless of ethnic background, gender, religion or sexual orientation


Be Universal by embodying the principles of compassion, peace and justice

Be Equitable by committing to alleviating poverty regardless of religion, ethnicity, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, gender or age.

Ensure Proper Consultation and Communication by being adaptable and responsive to the changing needs of our beneficiaries.

Be Professional by providing high quality, efficient and effective services.

Ensure Coordination by working in partnership with others.

Ensure Transparency by being accountable in all our work