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Islamic Microfinance

 Muslim Aid Sri Lanka’s Islamic Microfinance programme is being running with the vision of alleviating both, poverty and dependency syndrome existing within the conflict affected poor. Muslim Aid Sri Lanka believes that Muslim world, especially the poor is pushed to be with interest (Ribah) by the various factors and poor Muslims have no other options for financing than interest based conventional microfinance provision for their livelihood development.

    The clients belongs to all communities are selected from the segment of the entrepreneurial poor who were affected by Tsunami devastation, poverty and the civil war. Providing the selected beneficiaries with micro loans, the Micro Finance Team then focuses on inculcating the spirit of competition and excellence within those individuals or groups by providing market linkages, business development services and close field officer – client relationship that motivate beneficiaries to repay their loans.

    MASL focuses on sectors such as, agriculture, livestock, fisheries and many more sub sectors. MASL is working with many organizations like Al Asmakh Qatar, IICO Kuwait etc. Different skill training development programs and community awareness programs are being conducted by MASL Micro finance team to make awareness on Islamic Micro Finance and products offered at Muslim Aid Sri Lanka. In 2015 LKR 4.9 Million loans have been distributed for 1458 Clients and the number of active clients for the end of 2015 is 2117.