We as a team always be gratified with the work what we do on the ground for the betterment of humanity, we remind ourselves it is our duty and obligation to help the poor and underprivileged people to regain their dignity and their right to the facilities that they require, for they are the reason that Muslim Aid’s passion stays true. 2016 was important in many ways, one aspect being the adherence to new policies and procedures to build better governance in the organization and its development; and on the other hand ensuring that programme strategies are followed correctly, to reach the right beneficiaries in right ways, in all the phases of a programme; by ensuring that we are following the result-based approach in all our programmes.

At the beginning of this year, with the partnering of Sarvodaya and World Vision, Muslim Aid took the lead role in holding the GLOBAL RELIGIOUS CONSULTATION FORUM – SRI LANKA under the theme of “The Role of Religion in Humanitarian Action” and submitted a Consultative Paper to the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) which was held in May 2016 in Turkey.

Muslim Aid Sri Lanka was able to reach thousands of people and change hundreds of lives throughout this year. May it be sustainable livelihood support, water and sanitation, basic permanent shelter, Islamic Microfinance, educational support or any other programme that we do on the ground.

Muslim Aid continued its partnership with UNHCR in 2015 as well, in caring and supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Sri Lanka. One of our milestones this year was the pilot project of Social Empowerment through Educational development (SEED) in Muttur and Thoppur. Through this initiative, the Science, Mathematics and Technology streams were supported, and an 82% pass rate was achieved by Muttur Central College students, who qualified to enter the University in the Science and Technology stream.

Muslim Aid was also able to continue local Zakat fund utilization and cattle farming to support village folks to have nutritional food from their own backyard while earning an extra amount for their day to day expenses. With the number of challenges, the Islamic Micro Finance (IMF) has been steadily increasing in 2015 as well providing loan facilities to more clients.

In May 2016, the western part of the country, especially Colombo district, had to face huge flash floods almost after 40 years. More than 18,000 families were affected in Kolannawa and Wellampitiya areas alone. Muslim Aid partnering with number of Local and International Organizations, responded by providing NFI and dray rations to the affected families. Also, as continuation of its recovery operations, Muslim Aid supported hundreds of families to restart their livelihood and enabled them to go back to their professions under the “Back to Business” and “Back to Work” programmes; with the funding support of its HQ and Local and International organizations.

Alhamdulillah, all these achievements were possible with grace of Almighty Allah and guidance from the Head Office; as well as the support of my team in Muslim Aid Sri Lanka, Team Muslim Aid, Donors, Supporters and Well-wishers. Indeed, it was a year enriched with learning, inspiration, knowledge and skills in personal development as well.