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A Handloom Industry Established

A Handloom industry established

By Muslim Aid, declared open in Shafi Nagar, Mutur 

 A mini Handloom industry was declared open by the DS of Mutur – Mr. A. Thahir, and Ms. Sadak Mirza – Project Manager for the Volunteer Deployment Programme from Muslim Aid UK; on the 9th of March 2018 , in Nooraniya – one of three villages within the Shafi Nagar GN division in Mutur. Muslim Aid staff and beneficiaries; mainly women, participated in the event organized by Muslim Aid and the village Development Committee at 10:15 am. On the very same morning, a fence was put up surrounding A Health Clinic in Shafi Nagar in a Shramadana activity, arranged by the Village Development Committee with the facilitation of Muslim Aid Sri Lanka.

Underprivileged young and married women from this division often migrated to Middle Eastern countries, leaving their family members behind to become the bread winner of their families. Their experience there was miserable and they had to endure many struggles before returning to their loved ones. The objective of Muslim Aid’s Area Development Programme is to reduce the poverty of this village which was adversely affected by prolonged war and annual floods. The Area Development Programme, under the theme of ‘Enhancing the Socio Economic Condition of the Shafi Nagar Community” includes Educational Scholarships, Nutrition Programmes; free Evening Classes for the students of the village, Nutrition Packs For pregnant women and infants; Integrated Agriculture Farms, Goat Rearing, Bee Keeping; Skill Trainings for Youth and establishing Small Businesses. It is estimated that around 552 families of this GN division will directly or indirectly be benefitted from the Area Development Programme.

Muslim Aid Sri Lanka launched the Programme this year with the cooperation and patronage of the Divisional Secretariat, Zonal Education Office; and the MOH office Mutur.


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