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Rainbow Family

The Rainbow family program is uniquely designed to bring dignity to the lives of suffering children due to abject poverty around the world to give them hope for a brighter future. Muslim Aid Sri Lanka has been implementing the Rainbow Family programme with the support from its local partner organizations to uplift and enhance the destitute and orphan children of all faiths, genders, ethnicities and abilities in the ten most needy and underprivileged areas of Sri Lanka.  Financial support is provided in order to improvise and ease the burden of the kids. Our main objective is to not only provide financial support for the kids under the Rainbow family programme, but enable these kids to live along with their parents, siblings and loved ones in order to develop an emotional bond whilst receiving monthly funds.

Hence these kids have the opportunity of being with their family as well as continue their education without any barriers. Our focal point is to keep our RF kids happy financially and emotionally. These sponsorship funds are utilized by the children mainly for their Educational Development which will always be at the forefront of the programme as we, Muslim Aid comprehend that education is the root of eradicating poverty. The financial support also enables these children to obtain healthcare, food and clothing. Muslim Aid also focuses on the emotional and psychological development of the child, as we comprehend that the personal as well as well as academic development can mold a child to be a better and successful individual in the society.

Further7, we carry out mentoring, psychological support such as counseling and also provide motivational and leadership training programmes for the betterment of the child’s future.  We, Muslim Aid believe that our Rainbow Family program gives the self-confidence and motivation that will mold the child into becoming a strong independent individual who then will solely carry the torch for their bright future.

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