Food Vouchers distribution for families from all communities

Muslim Aid reached out to 69 vulnerable families from Sinhala, Tamil & Muslim communities in a poor village.

Muslim Aid Sri Lanka recently distributed Food vouchers to 69 families in a poor village in the Trincomalee District.The village is home to Sinhala, Tamil & Muslim communities.These families are living in extreme poverty, but coexist and live in harmony.

They received valid cash vouchers worth LKR 4000, for purchasing of dry ration packs that will last a month.

The event was graced by the respected Gramasevaka Officer, Police Officer and the Area Development Officer. Among the beneficiaries were poor women from 20 families who are working in the Kappalthurai Handloom Centre, which is run by Muslim Aid.

The Police Officer addressed the crowd saying “Helping all 3 communities is very good work, I wish for Muslim Aid to get more strength and support to continue their humanitarian work. You all have to get together to protect this village , specially because of our country’s current situation.”

This village still doesn’t have access to many basic facilities such as transport, schools, and religious institutions. They have to travel to other villages to fulfill these needs.

It’s people practise Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. They have coexisted for many decades , and continue to be supportive of each other. Muslim Aid and it’s workforce have also been part of this village. Having implemented free Water & Sanitation (WASH) projects last year for 20 families, inclusive of all communities.Muslim Aid has also supported the village with the provision of School Packs that included shoes, uniforms, school bags and exercise books for all schooling children.Muslim Aid’s presence has helped increase solidarity among the communities.

The village’s Gramasevaka Officer, stated, “In my point of view this function helps to unite the communities, and means much more than just distributing dry ration packs. This show of solidarity is very important especially because of the present situation.”

The event served to further establish unity among the communities in the village; enabling Muslim Aid to bring about sustainable development in rural villages with the help of the whole community.