Bicycle to Access Education


Join hands with Muslim Aid to provide bicycles to the poor and vulnerable students and help to full fill their educational dream come true without interruption.
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Education is the eye opener to a society, and it is the cause of inculcating noble qualities and valuable thoughts in our minds. Therefore, education should be available to all without any barriers Study. The global pandemic of Covid19 which had impacted various sectors in Sri Lanka has also affected the education system badly. The socio-economic crisis that followed the Covid19 pandemic has worsened education system. The escalation of the prices of essential commodities, shortage of food and fuel crisis severely affected the academic activities of students, especially poor and vulnerable.

As per UNICEF, the education of around 4.8 million students were at risk. Poor families aspire for their children’s education even as the economy is in crisis, and they are unable keep up with the cost of living. Poverty remains as major barriers to the dreams of these poor and vulnerable parents. Generally, poor attendance of students and an increase in dropout rates were noticed throughout the island. With the aim that students should get quality education continuously, Muslim Aid Sri Lanka has extended a helping hand to the rural schools in selected areas of Trincomalee district. Selected students from poor families were provided with new bicycle.


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