Sri Lanka is facing its worst economic crisis since independence. As a result, around 5.7 million women, men, girls and boys are now in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. The Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Sri Lanka, has concerned the multidimensional food security crisis, reducing food consumption by skipping meals, serious pressure on livelihoods and incomes, exhausted coping strategies, running out of vital and essential medicines, gender-based violence and child protection.

In this regard, there is a call for financial contributions to reputable aid agencies are one of the most valuable and effective forms of response in humanitarian emergencies. Public and private sector donors are invited to contribute cash directly to organizations participating in the Humanitarian Needs and Priorities plan.

As Muslim Aid Sri Lanka is the part of Humanitarian Needs and Priorities Plan in Sri Lanka, your generous contribution will immensely help to support affected families in Sri Lanka during this economic crisis.

Download the file below to read more about Humanitarian Needs and Priorities Plan & learn how Muslim Aid Sri Lanka is engaging in this appeal.