Muslim Aid Sri Lanka launched the Area Development Programme this year in Mutur, Trincomalee; with the patronage of the Divisional Secretariat, Zonal Education Office, and the MOH office Mutur. The project was established with the aim enhancing the Socio Economic Condition of the Shafi Nagar Community and develop the region as a model village by ensuring communities have access to inclusive Eco-Friendly and Sustainable livelihood options; Education and Civic Facilities; and access to Nutritional food and Health Services.

This village watched the war unfold around its borders for years, while also being a victim of annual floods. The aftermath of the War saw the multi-ethnic community of Shafi-Nagar, having lost everything and struggling to get back on its feet. As this community nursed its wounds and scars; they suffered major setback in terms of development in general – educational and economic development in particular. Increase in population since the last three decades has now resulted in shrinkage of cultivatable lands and a declined yield in fishing due to the navy using coastal areas for national security purpose; which has now started trouncing the social life and economy of a majority of the marginalized population. Youth unemployment, unskilled migration, addiction to drugs and unethical behavior are among other issues in the rising trend.

With the aim of rebuilding and enriching the community which has long seen nothing but despair and hardship, the Area Development programme has established Educational Scholarships, Nutrition Programmes; free Evening Classes for the students of the village, Nutrition Packs For pregnant women and infants; Integrated Agriculture Farms, Goat Rearing, Bee Keeping; Skill Trainings for Youth and establishing Small Businesses. It is estimated that around 552 families of this GN division will directly or indirectly be benefitted from the Area Development Programme.