Literally Wakalah means protection or remedying on behalf of others. Legally Wakalah refers to a contract where a person authorizes another to do a certain well-defined legal action on his behalf. It is a contract of agency which means doing any work or providing any service on behalf of any other. An agent is someone who establishes contractual and commercial relations between a principal and a third party, usually against a fixed fee. An action performed by an agent on behalf of the principal will be deemed as action by the principal. Agency is necessitated by the fact that an agent has to perform certain tasks which the principal has neither the time, knowledge nor the expertise to perform himself. The need for agency arises where a person has no ability or expertise to perform a certain action due, for example, to distance or size. The main features of agency are service, representation and the authority to act for the principal. An agent may obtain a certain wage for services rendered within the incentive structure of the principal.