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LivestockMr. Yatiyalage Gunadasa

Yatiyalage Gunadasa 63 is a Sri Lankan born Buddhist living in the quiet farming community of Dunumadalawa, Kahtagasdigiliya. His home is nestled in the shadows of the large jackfruit trees on his land.

There are 7 members of his household and two of his eldest sons are there to greet us. Yatiyalage is part of MA Livelihoods programme. He received 2 jersey milkers and a shelter all of which totaled 25,000 Rupees or £1025.00 He had the local vets perform artificial insemination on both the cows yielding 3 calves total. Although the beneficiary has to pay 800 Rupees or £4 for the A.I. procedure from the vets if any cow under the scheme produces more than 1 calf the extra animal must be given back into the scheme to be redistributed.

Due to religious belief Yatiyalage does not eat beef or wish to rear beef livestock. I walk to the corner of his plot of land to the cattle shelter under which all livestock had been sheltering from a heavy shower whilst we had been chatting to Yatiyalage.

There are two cows, one calf of 2 months in age and another 10 months in age still suckling from its mother. He told me that although this affected milk yields from a predicted 9 liters down to 4 litres he didn’t mind do much as the 4 liters along with still working a few paddy fields he owned was enough to sustain him and his family. Yatiyalage is one of the 35 MA funded members of the Milco consortium and delivers his 4 liters of milk to the central collection point in the village.

He wanted to tell MA donors “ I thank them for enabling us to be able to live well”