Flood Relief Intervention By Muslim Aid Sri Lanka, 2016  

Initially, Muslim Aid Sri Lanka provided immediate relief with its rapid response team for the people who were internally displaced during the heavy flooding with Hygiene packs and Dry Rations packs. Following it, MASL engaged in the distribution of Instant Food, Non Food Items, Hygiene packs, Dry ration packs, Back to Work kits and gift vouchers to further aid the flood victims. These were carried out by the generosity of the donors who joined hands with MASL during the emergency state.

Due to the stagnant water and poor garbage management system in Colombo district, houses and roads were ruined continuing with a spread of diseases. With the support of the volunteers, MASL engaged in helping to clean the houses along with the roads. Additionally, MASL also distributed cleaning kits to aid them further in the cleaning process and conducted medical camps to combat the spread of disease among the victims. Furthermore, our volunteers also contributed their time to feed the data base of the affected people under Relief Coordination Center (RCC).

Currently, along with the distribution of kitchen utensils MASL is engaged in its “Back2Business” project to uplift the lives of the flood victims by giving livelihood solution and support.