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Interfaith Peace Committee joins hands with the Secretariat to begin its humanitarian work with the support of Muslim Aid Sri Lanka

Reaching Communities through the Interfaith Peace Committee

On the 23rd of December, Muslim Aid handed over 18 units of hand-washing equipment and 72 packs of face masks and detergents to the Panduwasnuwara-West Divisional Secretariat and the Interfaith Peace Committee, as an effort to improve the region’s protection against the Covid19 (Corona virus) pandemic.

The handing over ceremony was held in a simple manner at 10:00 am in front of the Divisional Secretariat. It was attended by members of the Interfaith Peace Committee, Buddhist clergies; Muslim clergies, Catholic priest; Divisional Secretariat staff and Muslim Aid staff.

The aforementioned assistance packages will be distributed by the Divisional Secretariat through the Interfaith Peace Committee to religious places of worship, schools and public places of service in the Panduwasnuwara – West Divisional Secretariat Division. Inter-religious leaders and the Divisional Secretariat Peace Coexistence Division have selected the places and families in need of this assistance. It is worth mentioning that reconstruction and livelihood activities for families have been carried out in various affected villages by Muslim Aid Sri Lanka after the ethnic unrest in the region.

This form of humanitarian support is another step in the journey from the conflict situation towards lasting peaceful coexistence and development. This activity is a timely intervention with interfaith friendship. Although many villages in the Panduwasnuwara area in Kurunegala district were severely affected by targeted mob attacks in May 2019, after various open discussions and inter faith dialogues, an interfaith religious peace committee comprising of interfaith leaders and staff of the Divisional Secretariat Peace Reconciliation Unit was formed. It is noteworthy that the members of this peace committee and Muslim Aid staff visited a number of places of worship and held awareness discussions with Buddhists, Muslims and Christians. The participants had expressed their strong belief that the role of interfaith leaders in building lasting peace and coexistence is crucial.

In addition to this intervention, 07 hand-washing units and 30 packs of face masks and detergents are being distributed to the people of Nathandiya Division through the Nattandiya Divisional Secretariat.

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