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Peace and Development training journey from Monaragala to Puthukkudiyiruppu- an initiative by Muslim Aid Sri Lanka

Muslim Aid Sri Lanka’s Contribution to National Milk Production Through Ten Years of Implementing Dairy Farming Projects 

In August 2019, Muslim Aid Sri Lanka (MASL) launched the project “Improved Livelihoods from Dairy and Goat Farming for Marginalized Poor Communities” in the Monaragala District. The project witnessed a substantial improvement in the lives of the beneficiaries now engaged in dairy farming. Following this achievement, Phase II of the project was implemented in September this year.

For the past ten years MASL has been contributing to the national milk production, by developing and implementing different dairy farming projects in Monaragala, Anuradhapura and Trincomalee districts with success stories. Local partners organizations of MASL contributed in mobilizing communities and supporting the implementation of project activities. Marginalized and poor families are benefitted from these projects, helping them break the cycle of poverty and enhance their lives.

Upgrading Rural Economic Development and Promoting Peace and Social Cohesion

For phase II of the project, MASL organized a Peace and Development training journey for the project’s dairy farmers on the 23rd and 24th of September 2020. The objective of this mission was to promote the notion that there is no development without peace and co-existence among different communities in Sri Lanka.

Forty (40) beneficiaries from the Medagama and Badalkumbura GN divisions; and their families, embarked on an excursion from Monaragala to Puthukudiyirippu, arriving first at Sellapakkiyam Model Dairy Farm in Puthukkudiyiruppu, Mullaitivu District. Here, a training programme was delivered by Mr. Nesan – an expert on dairy farming who has trained more than 5000 farmers, agriculture students and government employees of the agro-department. The NEIFR (North and East Inter faith forum for Reconciliation) team from Anuradhapura also joined the training. During the session beneficiaries learned best practices for dairy management and various techniques on how to care for livestock and increase milk production.

On the second day of the exposure visit the farmer and staff team visited places of worship belonging to four major religions. The participants from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Muslim communities eagerly visited the Thiriyai Pillayar Kovil, Purana Vihara temple and observed Jumma prayers at the Pulmoddai Masjith. They later visited the Church at Alas Garden on the way to Trincomalee. The group observed and respected the prayers taking place in each of their holy places.

Muslim Aid Sri Lanka believes that peace and social cohesion will not transpire without a holistic development process. The organization supports this concept; and has been working towards this goal from its inception in 2005. Understanding this, collective efforts are needed to increase national milk production in Sri Lanka by farmers belonging to all communities. This effort will itself contribute to the reconciliation process while strengthening the economic and social policies of the governments of Sri Lanka.

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