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Livelihood support for 48 vulnerable vulnerable dairy farmers under MASL’s Economic Empowerment programme

Muslim Aid Sri Lanka provides livelihood support to 48 vulnerable dairy farmers in Thambalagamam, Trincomalee.

Under their Economic Empowerment programme, Muslim Aid Sri Lanka (MASL) will provide livelihood support for 48 vulnerable families from all three communities (Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim) living in in the Thambalaghamam Divisional Secretariat (DS) division in the Trincomalee district.

The initial meeting with the selected beneficiaries was held at the Divisional Secretariat auditorium of Thambalagamam DS division on 20th of August 2020. The Divisional Secretary of Thambalagamam, Mrs.J.Shripathy presided the session, while the Assistant Planning Director, Mr. I. Mujeeb and Dr. (Vet.) A. Jesusmariya Thuram also graced the occasion.

Each beneficiary will receive a high variety milking cow with a calf. The dairy farmers will also receive support to construct shed for the livestock, medicine with first aid kit and training and CO4 grass for fodder. Meanwhile, the MASL team will also provide technical guidance and exposure visits for beneficiaries before commencing their activities.

MASL has been implementing economic empowerment programmes in a number of districts around the country. The programmes primarily target vulnerable families who are unable to expand their income generating activities. It is worth noting that the Government of Sri Lanka aims to become self-sufficient in milk production; and MASL’s economic empowerment projects (in terms of dairy farming) will support and contribute towards the Government’s goal. 

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