Model Organic Agro Farming

Under the Area Development Programme implemented by Muslim Aid, two beneficiaries engaged in Model Organic Agro Farming, namely Mr. Juman and Mr. Abubakkar who are poor farmers of the Shafi Nagar GN division, witnessed their first crop harvest.

The first harvest was done on the 17th of July, in one plot of land cultivated by Mr.Juman, a family man with a wife and 5 children. The cultivation was initiated with the support of the Muslim Aid Project team. The land area of 0.5 acres was cultivated in middle of May this year. The first crop was Watermelon – considering the approaching hot season.

The project team and the farmer faced a number of challenges during this period such as unexpected rain & abnormally heavy southwest winds .Due to these reasons, the spread of diseases and insect infestation were high. However, the farmers with the support of Muslim Aid Project team managed to overcome these setbacks with middle level harvesting and modern farming techniques.

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