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International Children’s Day Celebrations – 2016

Our Rainbow Family kids celebrated the International Children’s Day 2016, together with school children at BT/BC/Al – Iqbal Vidyalaya on the 6th of October 2016. Our partner organization SEERA and Rainbow Family Children made arrangements to honour World Children’s Day at Al Iqbal Vidyalaya in Kattankudy, Batticaloa district, according to their capacity.

The partner organization consulted our Rainbow Family Programme Officer in the field; who advised them to select a vulnerable school in border village for the celebration. Hence they identified BT/Bc/Al Iqbal Vidyalaya, a school accommodating children in grades 1 -5.

About 25 children from Rainbow Family and 60 children from Al Iqbal Vidyalaya took part in the event where our Rainbow Family Children graciously donated Mango trees commemorating Children’s Day; on behalf of Rainbow Family. Each kid contributed LKR 50/= to purchase the mango tree saplings. The event proceeded well, where the School Management extended its fullest support and cooperation and were welcoming hosts. In the meantime all the children introduced themselves to each other, exchanged gifts and wishes; and some became good friends. The event served its purpose of instigating harmony and solidarity.

Speaking on behalf of the school management, the Principal Mr.VTM Haniffa of Al Iqbal Vidyalaya said “Our school started 15 years ago during the period when the people living in this area were affected by adversities several times; mainly by decades of civil war and the Tsunami in 2004. All of them are thus living under the poverty line, battling hardships and struggling to make ends meet. We were honored to celebrate World Children’s Day for the first time with orphan and destitute children. Actually, I am very happy to have seen this event take place. The Rainbow Family children have donated some trees for our school, which is an act of Sadhakathul Jariya, Masha Allah. May Allah reward all the children and RF well-wishers”.

Our Rainbow Family Child Fathima Iska Gaffoor (Child ID 6519), spoke eagerly, saying “Today I got an opportunity to plant a tree with my hand in tribute of Children’s Day on behalf of the RF Program. Alhamdhulillah! I am proud to be a part of the Rainbow Family.”

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