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A Safer Shelter to live peacefully
The end of war in May 2009 gave a hope among the displaced people to return to their places of origin. Shelter is one of the basic needs of every human being where Muslim Aid supports…
Economic Empowerment of Disadvantage People
Economic empowerment programs implemented by Muslim Aid aim to help the affected people to raise their income and thereby improve their standard of living…
Water for LIFE
Every year, some 6 to 8 million people die due to water borne diseases…...
Education for All
Muslim Aid focuses on providing Renovating repairing school buildings and uplifting Education.
Primary Health Care
Muslim Aid Sri Lanka has conducted many project under Health Care, focusing mostly during Emergency Situation like civil war and natural disaster situations
Peace Building & Partnerships
Muslim Aid’s networking efforts have led to the strengthening of existing partnerships and the formation of new partnerships….
Feed the Fasting
The concept of Zakat entails donating a portion of your wealth to those in need. In a very basic sense, it essentially that Muslims look out for one another…
Child Care
Rainbow Family program under Child Care has been uniquely designed to bring dignity to the lives of suffering children due to abject poverty.

Ongoing Projects

Area Development Programme

Muslim Aid Sri Lanka launched the Area Development Programme this year in Mutur, Trincomalee; with the patronage of the Divisional Secretariat, Zonal Education Office, and the MOH office Mutur. The project was established with the aim enhancing the Socio Economic Condition of the Shafi Nagar Community and develop the region as a model village by ensuring communities have access to inclusive Eco-Friendly and Sustainable livelihood options; Education and Civic Facilities; and access to Nutritional food and Health Services.

Branch & Satellite Offices

Muslim Aid has been active in Sri Lanka through local partners over the last ten years supporting education, nutrition, shelter and income generation projects. Muslim Aid’s Sri Lanka Field Office was established in May 2005 in the aftermath of the tsunami in 2004, to primarily address tsunami reconstruction and rehabilitation work. Today, we provide emergency relief to victims of disasters. We also provide long term development assistance in the form of microfinance, education, child support, water and sanitation, health and housing and shelter. MASL is also involved in peace building activities. While adhering to our global vision, mission and values, MASL believes Sri Lanka’s local situation requires a special set of guidelines.

Muttur - Trincomalee

Oddamavadi - Batticaloa

Horowpathana - Anuradhapura

Bakinigahawela - Monaragala

Latest News

Programme Development & Institutional Funding Coordinator

administrator – 7 December, 2018 /
Muslim Aid is an international humanitarian and development agency based and registered in the UK. Muslim Aid works through 11 field offices across Africa,…
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Our team participated in a another village consultative meeting at Vilankulam village in Trincomalee

administrator – 8 November, 2018 /
Our team participated in a another village consultative meeting at Vilankulam village in Trincomalee, where those who were displaced a number of times during…
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Urgent need for Drinking water – Vilankulam village

You can be a part this Sadhakathul Jariya water project with
your generous contribution, no matter how big or small the
amount your support will be help to change someone’s life.

Success-Stories of Our Beneficiaries

Arguably, there is nothing called a ‘failed’ project. Every initiative has something to teach us, and projects that are deemed as being successful, often possess elements that show us ways on how to re-model our work and critically reflect on our strategies. The following projects are regarded as some of Muslim Aid Sri Lanka’s flagship initiatives, where possible, much of its learning outcomes have been shared with our stakeholders.

Mr. Yatiyalage Gunadasa

Mrs. Marzooka -widow

Water for Life
Mrs. Selvi

Our Partnership Global & Local